Parent Education

Every parent wants to raise children who feel confident, are resilient, and are successful. Yet, despite the best of intentions, frequently parents find themselves confused by challenging situations—such as academic underachievement, lack of cooperation, disrespect and irresponsibility—and unsure how to respond. Others find themselves responding in ways that they know are not helpful. This can lead to increasing alienation in the relationship with the child, martial strain, and family dysfunction. All of these outcomes ultimately feel very unfulfilling.

The purpose of parent education consultations is first to provide parents with a better understanding of what their child needs to grow healthy and strong. Based on this understanding, parents can craft an approach that is responsive to those needs. They can also develop the tools needed to implement that approach. Ultimately, having parents operating from the unified game plan, strengthens the child, enhances the bond between parent and child, and maximizes the likelihood of resilience and success.